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For Thai people food is much more than just eating, it is a passion easily discovered in their everyday conversations and even their music. Thai food is very tasty with regional differences and endless combinations of fresh and exotic ingredients pounded and infused into wonderful mouthwatering flavors. It is a must to sample the many ways to enjoy Thai food. Sampling street food is a must and an adventure. Local Food choices are easily found at night markets and food courts in most towns while street vendors and mobile vendor carts are everywhere from the smallest village to the largest cities. It is usually possible to find fresh prepared foods all night, why not, Thais love eating. Don't hesitate to smile and point, you'll be rewarded with a tasty treat. You can even bring food from several stalls to eat at the one you choose.

Many of the popular tourist centers offer a very wide range of foreign owned & managed restaurants offering cuisine choices from European, American, or other Asian countries. For more choices visit our Dining category list too. Explore, sample, taste and enjoy.

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